Government Shutdown

5 Hilarious Things the Government Shutdown has Given Us

No matter what side of debate you’re on, we can all agree on the genius of these shutdown-inspired ideas. Thanks, Internet!

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If Facebook status updates are any indication, you’d think the worst effect of the shutdown is a bunch of unhappy campers turned away from the national parks. Truth be told, it’s much more than that. But leave it to the hearty American can-do spirit and appetite for entertainment to inspire folks to turn their contempt for Congress into a startup industry of awesome shutdown-related humor. If only our representatives could operate with the same speed and ingenuity—we could get back to what’s really important, like debating Miley’s twerking skills and whether Jimmy or Kanye looked like less of an asshole.

Drunk Dial Congress

 If Congress were an ex, you’d drunk dial them. This site helps you do just that.


Fuck You Congress

This site offers revolving virtual middle fingers to Congress with quotes from us for us, to remind us who exactly these elected representatives are, and why we want them to get back to work (or not…).


Gratis Sex Toys

For the lucky few who were unluckily furloughed, FREE VIBRATORS!!! ’Cause you’ve got a little time on your hands.



The very serious Public Policy Polling’s very funny comparison of Congress to other unpopular things. 

a. Sample questions from the PPP Survey:

b. The results

c. Which begs the question, who does approve of Congress?


The Government as iPhone

If only the folks behind the genius bar could actually fix this mess.

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