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Living at Downton Abbey Would Cost Over $8 Million a Year

A U.K. money-saving site throws a cup of hot tea in the face of our aristocratic fantasy

With the U.S. government shutdown and our looming debt ceiling, we’re more apt than ever to daydream about having a lady maid who brushes our hair at night and brings us breakfast in bed like the silver spoon–fed women of Downton Abbey (season 4 of which already premiered across the pond and comes to America in January). Thanks to a U.K. money-saving website, now we know it would cost us $8,365,292 a year to live that life of British aristocracy. No wonder the Granthams be broke! The handy infographic takes a look at just how much cash it would hypothetically require to keep Downton up and running, and the pricetag is more staggering than Matthew Crawley’s dashing looks or Lady Mary’s sordid past. With maintenance coming in at nearly 3 million and cleaning at 1.7 million (so many nooks and crannies!), living in the lap of luxury hardly seems worth it (written by someone wearing threadbare pajamas eating Halloween candy for breakfast while shamelessly scouring the Internet for the U.K. premiere of Downton Abbey season 4). 

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