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Toy Story: The 'Masters of Sex' Premiere in GIFs

The show’s got Lizzy Caplan and plenty of mid-century style, but the real star was something else entirely.
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The Showtime series Masters of Sex—one of our new fall favorites that premiered last night—is about William Masters, his research partner Virginia Johnson, and their revolutionary work in discovering the physiological components of the female orgasm. Among other things. The real hero of the pilot episode, however, is Ulysses, a glass dildo the duo used in observation. Like most epoch-making events in history, we thought it would be ideal to “show, not tell” Ulysses with a GIF sutra.

It’s named after a Kirk Douglas movie featuring a gigantic cyclops...

Naturally, men express concerns.

Seems Ulysses isn’t very different from A Christmas Story’s Red Rider BB gun.

Trust the university provost to call it like it is.

It’s like science…

...except really popular.

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