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Seth MacFarlane’s Sexism (and Racism and Homophobia) Strikes Again

Critics declare “Dads” the Most Horrible, Offensive Show of the New Season.

Racism. Check.

Sexism. Check.

A dash of homophobia. Check.

This is how most reviews are summing up the new Seth MacFarlane sitcom Dads, which premiered Tuesday on FOX. In it, Giovanni Ribisi and Seth Green are two video game developers who end up with their overbearing dads as roommates. Basically it’s one offensive “joke” after another. The only yuks are coming from a laugh track.

Even before the show’s debut, the buzz was bad. Now the awfulness has been broadcast and the negativity is coming from all sides

No one pushes the envelope better than MacFarlane when cartoons, talking pets, and animated stuffed toys are the main characters. In those cases, he brings a raunchy, strange twist to topics like friendship, family, and loyalty, ultimately showing the importance of those things to the everyday weirdness of life.

But when it comes to real people, his humor falls short. (Remember MacFarlane’s infamous “We Saw Your Boobs” routine at the Oscars? Incredible actors were reduced to pairs of breasts the world has ogled at. Now let’s all sing!) Dads takes obvious, groan-inducing potshots at anyone who’s not a straight white dude, so here’s hoping the general public sides with the critics on this one. We’re going to give the show two more weeks—one for the chatter to die down and one more for the ratings to tank. After which the network will say, “See ya Seth!”

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