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Feeling the Loss of Orange Is the New Black?

Three shows you should binge watch right now to fill the void.

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If you’ve got a Netflix password and a penchant for riveting television, you probably blazed through every episode of Orange Is the New Black faster than Taystee landed back in the slammer. And why wouldn’t you? The show, based on writer Piper Kerman’s real-life experience in a women’s prison, is the female-friendliest one out, has a totally on-point cast (between Poussey and Pennsatucky we can’t even pick a fave), and diversity in spades. Of course, after finishing the season in one fell swoop, you’re now dealing with the aftermath—withdrawal, loneliness, lack of purpose. 

We feel you. And while we can’t make OITNB’s season two premiere any sooner, we can make the time go faster. Here are three awesome lady shows you should marathon immediately.

Top of the Lake

If you thought Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss could never be anyone other than Peggy Olson, you’re about to eat your pillbox hat. In this Sundance miniseries written by Academy Award–winner and lady-storyteller extraordinaire Jane Campion (The Piano), Moss plays a detective who returns to her eccentric New Zealand hometown where she investigates the disappearance of an 11-year-old girl. Each episode gets darker than the last till you can’t help but click “play” to find out what level of effed-upness the show will take you to next. Unlike OITNB, Top of the Lake is a slow burn, but the payoff hurts so good.


Hit & Miss

This British miniseries premiered last year but flew so far under the radar, it’s as if it just came out. Which is lucky for us, since now’s when we need it. Chloe Sevigny plays a pre-op transsexual hit woman, and really, need we say more? Girl kills it (!) in this role, playing Mia with an understated masculinity—we were hooked even before the first full-frontal prosthetic penis shot. When Mia’s suddenly charged with taking care of a son she didn’t know she had (along with his three half-siblings), it gets so deliciously complicated you won’t even want to hit pause while you order delivery.



Julia Louis-Dreyfus flexes her dry comic genius so hard as Vice President Selina Meyer on this HBO show about Washington, Veep’s two seasons won’t feel like enough once you get going. It’s got the addictive cringe-iness of Larry David’s most offensive blunders but with Louis-Dreyfus acting like a boss and dropping F-bombs left and right, which suits her even better than Elaine’s neuroses (this is hands-down her best role since Seinfeld). With Anna Chlumsky (resurrected from the depths of My Girl–era childhood stardom) and Tony Hale (Arrested Development’s Buster) co-starring, Veep (which you’ll need an HBO Go password to watch) is like comedy candy; trust us, you’re gonna eat the whole damn box.

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