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4 Reasons We Think Lindsay Lohan Is Going To Make It This Time

Last night’s Oprah interview showed signs that her trials are likely behind her.

We can’t take our eyes off of a celebrity train wreck until it becomes so ghastly, we can’t bear to look. We may have reached that point with Lindsay Lohan. And thankfully, Lohan seems to have reached her breaking point as well.

During her one-on-one with Oprah last night, Lohan, in a bright orange dress and polka dot shoes, looked and sounded like a woman who has turned a corner. Taped just four days out of the Cliffside Malibu center, her sixth trip to rehab, the appearance was the latest outing for Lohan who has recently served as guest host on Chelsea Lately, filmed a guest spot on the HBO show Eastbound and Down, and is starring in the film The Canyons. That movie started soft at the box office and didn’t even show up among the top 50 for this weekend. (It was also made available as a video on demand.) Reviews of the film have also been pretty brutal, even if there were a few positive remarks about Lohan’s performance.

Finally, Lohan has launched a new lifestyle website, LindsayLohan.com. “I’m so excited for what’s next,” Lohan writes in the “Welcome” intro.

But all that is secondary. During the Oprah interview, Lohan gave us good reason to think the movie and all the other small stuff is just the beginning of a comeback. Here’s why:

—Lohan stated numerous times that she’s addicted to alcohol. Saying the words “I am an addict” is a difficult thing. She even went so far as to say she took cocaine because it “allowed her to drink more.” She went so far as to come clean on a lie she’d previously told, saying she’d used cocaine 10 or 15 times rather than the few that she admitted to.

—LiLo defended her parents even when she could’ve blamed them—her dad in particular—for her problems. While the both of them have seemed just as troubled as Lindsay, she said she planned to have lunch with them and her sister during the week after the interview. “My parents are just parents,” she said.

—After a childhood filled with chaos and getting caught up in a “whirlwind of garbage,” Lohan said she ultimately wanted to go to jail “just to find a little peace.” How desperate do you have to be to want to go to jail? Now she says she has accepted the treatment and is the happiest she’s ever been. “I don’t need to go to outside places or substances to feel things. It’s all in here,” she said pointing to herself.

—Lohan is desperate to be an actress. At one point, for a movie called Just My Luck, she commanded a $7 million salary. Nothing sounded as sincere as Lohan’s comments last night about wanting to be on set. “I always loved being in front of the camera and being in front of people, which can go the wrong way...” she said at one point. The awareness of that last bit shows growth as well. Fame at any cost isn’t worth it anymore.

It was clear that Oprah thought Lohan’s rehab continued straight through to the interview. In the end, when Lindsay said she’d planned on going to Europe with her brother a few days after the interview for a yoga retreat, Oprah advised her to stay in New York with her coach instead; that going to Europe would offer too many temptations. Lohan ultimately canceled the trip.

Sure it could’ve been that she was pressed into canceling by the folks at OWN, who will be airing a docu-series about Lohan. But, judging by the article published in The New York Times Magazine in January, even when there’s a lot at stake, the old Lindsay would do whatever destructive thing she wanted. Last night’s Lindsay sounded like she was truly tired of the drama. And it wasn’t just her raspy voice giving off that vibe.

Lohan said historically there’s been little interest in her when things are calm. While that could mean lower ratings for her upcoming show on OWN, judging from the response on Twitter, most people are hoping that calm will prevail.

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