In defense of Courtney Love

Thank God for Courtney. She’s completely nuts, and she doesn’t give a ****

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Courtney’s here again – quick, look busy! Yep, the great rock and roll rebel girl is back in the spotlight setting the world to rights, no doubt while smoking an e-cigarette.

And, like that fellow fruit loop Jerri Blank, she’s got SOMETHING TO SAY.

Does anything she says actually make sense? Well…not quite. In an interview with Flavorwire, she totally forgets to plug her new tour and album and instead goes off on one of those weird Courtney rollercoasters that usually end in a lingerie-strewn hotel room, with the journalist drinking liquid E from a teapot while she harangues Billy Corgan on Skype and summons the ghost of Gianni Versace with an antique Ouija board.

So this time she’s rambling about how she’s the one who discovered Russell Brand, how there’s something wrong with Amanda Bynes and that she’s writing a memoir for Harper Collins. (The mind boggles – how much will it WEIGH?). Oh, and she quotes Gustav Flaubert. Here are a few choice highlights.


On Russell Brand:

‘When he first came to Hollywood I threw him the party that got him the job. I mean, he was working within 48 hours, and I called the director of film at Universal, Ron Meyer, I called the relevant lawyers, I called the relevant agents. I’m a good talent-spotter, so they always take my call.’


On her ‘classy’ memoir:

‘Well, my life has been extremely exciting and I’ve done plenty of salacious things on my own, so if you want salacious you can have it. There’s plenty of lovely, classy things in there. There’s plenty of middle-ground things, [and] there’s really dark, dark things…I’m sort of modeling [my book] on Tallulah Bankhead meets Russell Brand.’


On Amanda Bynes:

‘Well, when you walk around with a crazy wig… I mean, when I was in court with a strapless dress on looking like a wild-eyed maniac in 2005, I knew what I was going to get.’


On life:

‘There’s a great Flaubert quote which I live by, actually — it really moved me when I heard it, I think John Malkovich told it to me — it was: “Wild in my work, bourgeois in my life.”


It’s more proof that even when she’s talking self-aggrandizing, name dropping drivel, Courtney is one hell of an entertaining interviewee: tangential, unpredictable, funny and always punk rock. Who is as insane, fabulous and gossipy as her? Nobody.

So let’s all raise a glass of lighter fluid to crazy old Court. Love or hate Ms. Love, the world would be a dull place without her.

And a hat tip to @tom_hawking at Flavorwire – cheers for surviving the interview. 


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