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Gender Politics

Photo by Lead image by Jessie Gaskell; Chart by Daiana Feuer

Oz vs. The Bachelor: Which One Is Worse For Your Daughters?

At least with The Bachelor the sordid gender politics are laid bare from the start. It’s time for a point-by-point comparison.

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Disney’s epic 3D blockbuster, Oz, the Great and Powerful, crushed the box office this weekend, raking in $150 million worldwide. You might be wondering why a childless 30-year-old was willing to endure sticky glasses and crying children to see it on opening weekend. I was there for the candy, okay? Leave me alone.

Oz’s reviews have been tepid, but it wasn’t the hollow storyline or questionable prosthetics that bothered me. It’s the fact that the central conflict, plot, and every motivation for the female characters are wholly tied up in the attentions of one man. The movie is essentially a PG version of The Bachelor – but in Oz, the enhancements are CGI instead of surgical.

“Oz” (played by James Franco) is a womanizing scam artist who sweeps Mila Kunis’ Theodora off her feet. Despite being a powerful witch with a lot going for her, Theodora’s hell-bent on finding a man to rule Oz and open jars and stuff. But Oz dumps her for Glinda (Michelle Williams), because like most gentlemen, his penis prefers blondes. So Theodora loses her shit and unleashes her woman-scorned rage on the people of Oz. Bitches be crazay!

At least with The Bachelor, the painfully backward gender politics are laid out from the beginning. But Oz hides its damaging message for girls in a delicious candy coating. So which one’s a better choice for your daughters? Let’s compare.


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