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Fox News Magazine for Women: So Right It Can’t Be Wrong

Here’s the magazine that Fox News should have produced.

The wait is over. A nation’s prayers were answered last week. Yes, it’s true. On Monday June 18, Fox News finally launched an online lifestyle magazine for women.

But considering the feverish anticipation, the magazine is somewhat bland and generic. Stock photography, tired stories. And the media hasn’t hesitated to criticize. It appears that the most trusted name in news is just finding its feet in lifestyle.

To be fair (and balanced), it’s a tremendous resource if you’re trying to get rid of your turkey neck or get really clean windows or keep mealybugs out of your flour – and who isn’t? But nevertheless, Fox fans are flummoxed – is scrapbooking really the best that Fox News has to offer?

We think not. Here at DAME, we believe that Fox has missed an opportunity. After all, who hasn’t wondered what Gretchen Carlson’s hair is actually made of? Or how Anne Coulter spruces up her gun closet for the fall? And who among us – be honest, ladies – hasn’t longed to see pictures of Sean Hannity at the beach with his family, walking out of the water with these washboard abs. (Sigh). Now that’s some trickle down economics we could get down with!

So, in the spirit of an overzealous fan, we’d like to suggest a few stories to the editors there at Fox News Magazine. 

Recipe of the Month: Pepper Spray Chicken, by Megyn Kelly

Who is the Sexiest President: Reagan or Reagan?, by Marcus Bachmann

7 Tips to Keep Things Alive in the Bathroom, by Bill O’Reilly

Is TV Making Me Stupid? Our experts weigh in.

Dirty Talk That Drives Men Wild by Bill O’Reilly

Youthful Skin in Five Easy Steps, by Charles Krauthammer

Hate: A Love Story, by Anne Coulter

“Mommy, Why Did Jesus Write The Constitution?” – Home-schooling with the Hannitys

Bring out the Beady Part of Your Eyes, by Bret Baier

Flag? Like! A Guide To Conservative Dating Websites

Losing It: How Shepard Smith Dropped the Weight

Kill It and Grill It: The Sarah Palin Cookbook

Packing For Xenu: Greta Van Susteren’s Weekend Bag

How to Have it All on Only a $400,000 a Year

Pray Yourself Rich, by Brian Kilmeade

What Women Want, by John Stossel

How To Tell If Your Child Is a Secret Muslim

How to be a Neocon in the Boardroom and the Bedroom, by William Kristol

Is He Lying? Cheating? Hiding WMDs?, by Judith Miller

Plan the Perfect Fifth Wedding, by Geraldo Rivera

What You Don’t Know About Your Teenager’s Cell Phone, by Rupert Murdoch

How to Properly Care for Your Bush, by Karl Rove


Who hasn’t wondered what Gretchen Carlson’s hair is actually made of? Or how Anne Coulter spruces up her gun closet for the fall?DAME

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