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Probiotic Diet Leads to Bigger Balls

It turns out that one of the side effects of yogurt is bigger underwear.

For all the men out there bemoaning the diminutive size of their cojones, perhaps try eating more yogurt, so says the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Actually, their experiment was on mice, not men, but expect a run on vanilla yogurt at Trader Joe’s in 3…2…1…

The study’s goal was exploring the impact of a probiotic diet on obesity rates, but the authors state “the most entertaining aspects of all this were things we didn’t anticipate.” First, virility was impacted - male mice on the yogurt diet impregnated the females quicker and female mice eating yogurt had larger litters. And mice that ate yogurt were leaner and had shinier coats. In other words, they were hotter.

But the biggest surprise was the “mouse swagger” the little guys adopted due to their, well, growing balls. Their nuts were 5% heavier than mice on typical diets and 15% heavier than mice that ate junk food.

Yogurt makers around the world take note – there is money to be made here. Kefir is already on it.