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Hormones to Blame for Sports Bar Fights

That's the trouble with men, they're so hormonal.

According to a new study conducted in Spain, men now have a scientific defense for yelling and throwing the remote while the game’s on TV: hormone spikes.

Released this week, the research was conducted on male and female fans watching soccer and shows elevated levels of testosterone and cortisol on game day.  Cortisol tends to increase at times of stress and showed higher levels in men than women. The study suggests this fits with “social self-preservation”, a theory that basically states people fear their social status will be negatively impacted if their team loses.  

The testosterone surge is tied to status, too.  Apparently, testosterone levels increase during situations that are challenging and immediately relevant to the subject.  This means that true fans really do feel like they’re in the game – if the Lakers lose, you lose.  This increase in testosterone prepares us to defend our social status.  And this time, it’s not just men that see an increase, women do, as well. 

Women may be the fairer sex, but they can drop a convincing F-bomb when Kobe misses a shot, too.