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Celebrity Deathmatch: Couric vs. Palin

Now bring on the SNL version.

It sounded like an April Fool’s Joke, not least because the “news” came out on March 31, but no - Sarah Palin did indeed guest host the Today show against Katie Couric on Good Morning America. It seems NBC perceived Couric’s decision to host a week of GMA to be such an act of betrayal that they immediately booked the only person on earth who would characterize Couric as “biased.”

Palin opened the show reading a paper, in reference to one of those alleged “gotcha” questions she accused Couric of asking her during her 2008 run. (Couric was subsequently awarded a prestigious Cronkite Award for being “extraordinary, persistent and detailed.”) But other than that, it was fairly ho-hum. There was talk of children and motherhood, a brief discussion of Romney. Nothing game-changey about it.

Perhaps Palin could ride in on a moose tomorrow? Then show Ann Curry how to kill it, to stock the fridge for winter. Just so long as Palin remains wary of Lauer—he may ask her who her favorite Kardashian is. Don’t freak out, Sarah, that’s just the lamestream media out to get you again