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Study Reveals Women Do More Housework

In other news, bears are believed to be shitting in the woods.

A British think tank has concluded that, despite 40 years of feminism, eight out of 10 married women do more household chores than their husbands. The “No Shit Sherlock” Department of the Institute of Public Policy Research cite the data to argue for universal childcare, as a way of closing the gender gap. But that’s the socialist British for you. The survey also points out that in the similarly communist European Gulag also known as “Sweden,” a tax deduction for hiring domestic staff has created thousands of jobs.

Further nuggets from the IPPR include: the more educated the men are, the more likely they are to do their share of the chores and that income parity between partners reduces the housework disparity.

It should be noted that only women were polled in this survey. Here’s to the next shocking survey: when you only poll one half of a relationship, they’ll always say they do most of the housework.