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The GOP thrives on stoking fears of the American public. And with the Orlando tragedy, they can conveniently hide their homophobia behind Islamophobia.
The most compelling stories from our favorite sources about this week's history-making presidential nomination.
The most compelling stories from our favorite sources.
The two female sports writers in the #morethanmean campaign demonstrate that it’s way past the time to recognize the difference between trash talk and gender-based abuse.
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"Why Did You Shoot Me?"

When a cop pulled the trigger on Charles Kinsey, a Black behavioral therapist working with his autistic patient, it revealed everything that is wrong with policing in America.

Kate Harding is a longtime feminist blogger and the author of Asking For It: The Alarming Rise of Rape Culture—and What We Can Do About It, forthcoming from Da Capo Press in September 2015. Harding’s column, “All the Rage,” is her irreverent and smart take on the most infuriating and/or fascinating news of the day. She currently lives in Chicago.