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Obama gives a rousing State of the Union. But amid the promises, there are clues about whose lives really matter in the long run. And that news isn't good.
We have a long history of fetishizing young girls. But from Sia’s “Elastic Heart” video to the recent story of the 17-year-old dating her dad, we seem to be leering at them more than ever.
The 36 questions guaranteed to repel an inappropriate suitor.
“Vessel,” a new, must-see documentary, introduces activist Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, who has found a unique way to provide safe, legal abortions for those without access.

Kate Harding is a longtime feminist blogger and the author of Asking For It: The Alarming Rise of Rape Culture—and What We Can Do About It, forthcoming from Da Capo Press in September 2015. Harding’s column, “All the Rage,” is her irreverent and smart take on the most infuriating and/or fascinating news of the day. She currently lives in Chicago.