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Purvi Patel was the first woman to be charged with feticide in the US. Her 20-year sentence was overturned by the Indiana Court of Appeals.
Anti-abortion lawmakers are no longer worried about reaffirming Roe—they have their sights set on something even more terrifying. And if they win, you could end up in jail.
With a hunger for high-stakes libel suits, chants of "crooked media" and "fake news," and an all out denigration of the free press, the fourth estate is headed for the darkest fight of its American life.
Even the most conscientious among us can betray one another in moments of strife.
Fibonacci Blue/Creative Commons 2.0
Activists like undocumented worker Sandra Henriquez have put their lives on the line to protest injustice.

Kate Harding is a longtime feminist blogger and the author of Asking For It: The Alarming Rise of Rape Culture—and What We Can Do About It, forthcoming from Da Capo Press in September 2015. Harding’s column, “All the Rage,” is her irreverent and smart take on the most infuriating and/or fascinating news of the day. She currently lives in Chicago.